Please see below for an overview of the coverage of the Grey Dot and Autorek partnership

1) Pan African American Chamber of Commerce (Online), ‘AutoRek teams with Grey Matter Thinking – Business Leaders’

Pan African American Chamber of Commerce exists to promote industry, trade and culture between business owners and entrepreneurs in continental Africa and its diaspora, and the United States.

2) Finextra (Online), ‘AutoRek expands presence in South Africa through Grey Matter Thinking partnership’

Finextra covers all significant technology news in wholesale and retail banking, the capital markets and insurance. The online publication also publishes a wide range of research articles, features, white papers and case studies and has a circulation of 175,000.

3) African Financial News (Online), ‘AutoRek teams with Grey Matter Thinking’

African Business Review provides analysis and commentary on African related business news.

4) Business Information Portal (Online), ‘AutoRek expands international presence…’

The Business Information Portal provides business guidance, support and advice for the West Midlands area.

5) Communications Africa, AutoRek joins forces with Grey Matter Thinking

Communications Africa is a bi-monthly featuring articles in both English and French for comprehensive market penetration. The magazine is read by fixed and mobile operators, internet service providers, local integrators and resellers of hardware and software, broadcasters and regulators and is designed to help inform them of the latest technologies available to enhance their businesses.

6) Africa Punch (Online), AutoRek teams with Grey Matter Thinking

Africa Punch is a source for news, information and resources for Africa. It reports on important online information and how it empowers and inspires people in Africa and around the world.

7) One News Page (Online), AutoRek expands presence in South Africa through Grey Matter Thinking partnership

One News Page offers live access to top news and analysis sources. The site attracts an audience of news-seeking visitors from all around the world.