Klear from Autorek


Know your Client, Compliance, Suspicious Transactions and Anti-money Laundering

Klear™ is a customer verification and identity checking tool that is integrated into the AutoRek suite of products. Autorek is an award winning Financial Data Management Software package with an  advanced matching and corrective ability.

Klear is used to monitor all the transaction, customer and account activity across all systems in an enterprise and can be customized to suit FATCA, KYC, AML or any other requirements as defined by legislation or your own compliance policies.

Thousands of records from multiple sources can be processed instantanesously and highlights any suspicious activity through parameterised breaches, linked transactions or persons and escalates these to, and only to, the responsible Compliance Officer as designated.

Your Compliance Requirements

Klear™ will address all the on-going Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) business requirements in your organisation. These are often described as:

  • Currency Transaction Reporting – large cash transaction identification and reporting
  • Transaction Monitoring – identification of suspicious patterns of transactions which may trigger internal or external reporting and escalations.
  • Customer Identity Management – match against credit reports and identity records


With supporting transactional analysis capability, Klear™ allows organisations to monitor suspicious clients and activities to conform to anti-money laundering regulations and other legal requirements. More recently, the use of Klear™ has extended to compliance with financial regulations including The Foreign Account and Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

Please contact us for a demonstration or to request a Klear (customer verification and compliance) specific download.