FATCA, Know Your Client, Fraud, AML

Increasing compliance is hardly a new trend, however, the requirements are becoming more onerous and the more global your enterprise is, the greater the exposure to different legislative regimes.

Grey Dot’s offerings include services that assist in implementing programmes and systems the mitigate, manage or control your organizations exposure to:
• money laundering,
• fraud
• terrorist financing
• Single view KYC
• Sarbannes Oxley
• Client money management

Klear™ is the KYC, client verification and identity checking tool that can be included in an integrated Autorek reconciliation package. Klear is able to monitor all the transaction, customer and account activity across all systems in an enterprise. The Autorek products are able to sit in parallel with exisiting systems so minimum disruptions and interfaces are required.

Some of the key benefits of using Grey Dot’s software offerings (the Autorek suite and particularly Klear):
• Time to implementation (a few weeks) to scope and build – longer to test),
• Speed of processing (80 million transactions in under an hour)
• User friendly approach (designated compliance staff can alter parameters and rules without the need for external consultants)
• Enriching and explosion of Data to provide data rich tables
• Reduction in manual processing and validation, freeing up time for review and investigation
• Full audit trail readily available
• Instantaneuos escalation of identified items
• More time designated to review as opposed to data processing and manipulation
• Reduction in human error and risk

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