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Intercompany reconciliations are one of the many hurdles that challenge a fast and accurate accounting cycle. This pressure common place for financial directors, managers and clerical staff. Autorek’s suore of products include the core Autorek reconciliation product and the complementary Klear module for attestataion.


Data Migration

Mergers, new systems

‘Mergers and acquisitions’ are emotive. Quite often the procedure is driven from a strategic or financial side, with very little consideration for the operational effects. The decisions may be take over a competitor, acquire new brands or products, vertically integrate a supplier or diversify the holdings.



Operations management
Financial procedures

We have a wide spectrum of expertise and services that enable us to call ourselves specialists in Business Process Engineering.

Each clients needs are separate, and each issue is unique, and we treat them as such. The solution we provide is not predetermined, but may result in a bespoke


Balance Sheet Substantiation

Attestation financial close

Pressure on an accurate and fast financial close for period ends is common place for financial directors, managers and clerical staff; and particularly those who are listed on African and other exchanges.
Traditionally the review and attestation process involved manual files with printouts and physical sign-offs. However, the greater



FATCA, Know Your Client, Fraud, AML

Increasing compliance is hardly a new trend, however, the requirements are becoming more onerous and the more global your enterprise is, the greater the exposure to different legislative regimes.


Cash Allocation

Sales ledger, Automated cash allocation, Duplicate payments

Cash Allocation in the Accounts Receivable cycle is a time consuming process – even for SME’s with a few large receipts. Incorrect reference numbers, discounts, transposition errors and batch remittances further

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